The original blues lovin’ guy – Mississippi Gary

Mississippi Gary – “An octogenarian blues player played by McKinney in blackface. He first appeared in a sketch in which he talked about his failed relationship with “Kathy with a K” (McCulloch) from the Secretary sketches and soon grew into a recurring character. His name and style of speech suggest that he may be a parody of the blues guitarist Mississippi Fred McDowell. Gary would always begin a long, blues-related story with the words “Now, I seem to remember a time…” in a deep Mississippi accent before launching into a harmonica solo or blues song. His songs include “The ‘There is a Very Effective Heckler in My Audience’ Blues” (in a sketch where Dave Foley, in the audience, points out that Gary actually has very little to complain about as he makes over $10,000 a night) and “Smokin’ On the Night Train.””

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starry nights

starry nights: This one was written a long time ago –  before the ipod generation 2 but after the ipod generation 1.  I haven’t played it for a long time – so this is a redux.

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fun with samples

fun with samples – paul simon back up band ideas

fun with samples – something like santana perscussion + mission impossible + john madden football.

If you’re using an apple product an cannot see the music player above you’ll have to go to soundcloud to listen – sorry!

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3 things from the weekend

1. weight of time:
this one was made over the weekend – and is really built around the sound of the guitar.

2. ways to:
lyrics for this one are right around the corner

3. minneapolis cop in beverly hills:
Yeah this one has some beverly hills cop dna to it – or something like that.

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Steely Byrne

I’ve recently dusted off some Steely Dan – and the current played the sh*t out of David Byrne last weekend.  So, these sounds are the soundtracks to the past week.  These guys need to get a hold of the youth in the music industry and teach them to be creative.

black friday

this must be the place

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the retired william munny part II

the retired william munny part II: aka not so young guns.

A little collaboration here. Thanks Robarge. He laid out some harmonica – a vocal pass – and a fade out. Pretty cool.

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mistake. This one has a case of the blues – the modern in place blues – and is maybe a little tribal in places.  It kinda creeps along – first pass at lyrics on this one as well…

“you can’t always get what you want”

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