This side project was started in the wee hours of the morning.  A music sketchbook.  The general idea: Create a blog based around music – specifically music ideas.

Create content.  Generate a history.  Generate progress.  Have fun.
1. Create oringal work – partial or other. Fragments are ok, everything is in process.
2. Share
3. Some ideas will grow – others will die off
4. Post about other interesting things – try to keep it at least tangent to music.

What I plan to do: Share some original work in progress, clips, bites, sketches and the like. To be honest the site is mainly for me – to have a central place to put down ideas – to be able to access those ideas from anywhere. I hope that you’re able to get a few laughs and some enjoyment out of the content that will be posted here. The ideas will be generated mainly by me – and can be downloaded for personal listening enjoyment (if there is anything “good”),

The tracks will be created using mainly GarageBand and Amplitude. Ideas will be very free formed and are meant to evolve over time. Some will be guitar based, others drum based, and still others piano or organ based.

Why Minnesota Soundscape? I heart Minnesota. It is really that simple. Minnesota has a great music scene – and inspiration is everywhere. Lakes, Cities, Fields, Farms, Markets – and bad sports teams. We’ve got it all. This is one way of contributing – in a very small way – to that.




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