5 by 5

I’m happy with this batch of noise.  Things are starting to sound more holistic.  Things are melding together smoother than before. The sound is more whole – more balanced.  I’m basically learning the keyboards while figuring out the whole ‘slappa-da-bass’ thing.  Playing the digital drums (and messing around the digital samples) is a blast. Down the road these things will get sewn together into something that resembles a complete song.  For now I’m having fun creating sketches and experimenting with the software – seriously this is an amazing way to kill time.  I think ‘blue box’ and ‘memory zero’ are my favorites here.

squares in circles (0m:26s)

memory zero  (1m:20s)

blue box (2m:37s)

dead language  (0m:35s)

en route (0m:17s)

If the links about are not working for you – click here

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