Shorts. Ideas. Sketches.

Welp. I just got recording software.  Am I excited?  Yes.  I’m jacked, pumped and excited.  It’s “just garage band” but man is it cool – and smart – and intuitive.     

So, here are some shorts, sketches, and ideas.  From oldest (1) to newest (9). No lyrics, just noise – mostly made by me. Again, the idea of this blog is just to post ideas – and see where they go – I might rework things in the future and actually make something whole out of these ideas. Then again maybe not.

Go HERE if you cannot stream the songs below (mac users mainly).

1. out of the box: seriously, for real. I unboxed the software – and tried it out. This is what happened. Could’ve been worse? Ha. 

2. nerd out: This just sounds nerdy – but fun.

3. mellow downer loop: A lazy sound?

4. mix it up loop. A poor man’s beastie boys sound. Yippie yo you know this kid?

5. tron + airplane! I really like this track – Leslie Nielsen was great. Tron Legacy could’ve been a better movie – but the soundtrack was kick butt.

6. funky tron disco loop: What the 80’s disco should’ve sounded like.

7. be cool marc cohn: This is mainly a piano track – i don’t really play – but it’s time to learn.

8. ride the dakota sunset: Western. Plains. Trails. Wind burn.

9. Giddy Up and Ride.   Western – no ending yet – of course there’s really no start or middle either – or lyrics.  Whatever.  I like the Giddy-up in this one. So far this track is the most natural.

– Jarett

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