electric fall

you said (2m:02s) An electric guitar instrumental. There’s something 50’s about this one.

pulled in (2m:33s) Simple background with some solo guitar work. A little on the dark side.

hwy 100 (2m:37s) Not 45mph, not 65 mph. Not stop and go either.

supposed to be (2m:19s) Some piano and keyboard action here. The drama starts at 38 seconds.

4 x 4 (2m:19s) 4/4 time and 4 tracks overlayed. A bit gritty sounding.

nola minneapolis (2:37) Where’s my beignet and coffee? Very simple.

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gone sonic – guitar

about it (2m:08s) electric guitar and vocals

at last (2m:19s) electric guitar and vocals

Auguest 17th (2m:37s) electric guitar

radio drive (2m:02s) piano, bass, and keyboards

noodle around (1m:44s) just playing with the tones of the electric guitar

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5 by 5

I’m happy with this batch of noise.  Things are starting to sound more holistic.  Things are melding together smoother than before. The sound is more whole – more balanced.  I’m basically learning the keyboards while figuring out the whole ‘slappa-da-bass’ thing.  Playing the digital drums (and messing around the digital samples) is a blast. Down the road these things will get sewn together into something that resembles a complete song.  For now I’m having fun creating sketches and experimenting with the software – seriously this is an amazing way to kill time.  I think ‘blue box’ and ‘memory zero’ are my favorites here.

squares in circles (0m:26s)

memory zero  (1m:20s)

blue box (2m:37s)

dead language  (0m:35s)

en route (0m:17s)

If the links about are not working for you – click here

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two instrumentals

These two have some promise to grow into something more.  Two very different tempos. Two very different sounds. I started writing some lyrics to ‘undergrad hiatus’ and was looking back at some old stuff I wrote. Wow – not very good to say the least. Although i’m happy to report none of the lyrics were about me sitting at a red light, ugh.  So, that part of the song is incomplete for the moment.  As soon as I feel like James Brown i’ll add to ‘big willow.’  It could be a while.  Enjoy.

undergrad hiatus

big willow

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cover friday

I had the day off. After sleeping in I thought, “why not record a cover of something.” It just seemed like that kind of day, I dunno. So after a coffee, bagel and apple lunch (breakfast) I set out to record a cover of something. And here that is – maybe one of these day i’ll get a ‘for real’ microphone. It is a talking heads orginal of course.

this must be the place

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hdmi northeast

hdmi northeast

This one gets constructed and deconstructed

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3 sketches from the past week

Produced over the last week – the start of 3 very different ideas –

logan park

played with echo effect here –

waiting room

mainly keyboard based


brushes and guitarwork

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